Florida Water

Florida water originated in New York as a perfume/cologne. The term Florida Water is actually referencing the “fantasy-based” fountain of youth that is said to be found somewhere in Florida. The sweet smell of Florida water was used by men and women alike. A sweet, fragrant, smell with a hint of the earthy undertone allows it to smell like no other product.

It was since then used as a staple in Voodoo and Hoodoo practices. Hoodoo and Voodoo are a mixture of African religion, Christianity, and Roman Catholic beliefs. It was created by the slaves who were forbidden to practice their religion so they had to mask it under there slave owners’ beliefs, that is why you will see a lot of Catholic and Christian references. The slave owners would want there linens and baths to be made and drawn with Florida water so the slaves would take what was left and use it as a tool for there magical practices. It has been used in magical rituals for over 200 years, the power comes from traditions and honor.

Florida Water’s history is a long one, and its magical benefits are unimaginable, it is used as protection from negative people and spirits, to entice good spirits, to feed our ancestors, to cleanse your altar and crystal, as a spiritual cleanser, used as offering to spirits, can be mixed with ink to make spell more powerful, dispels stress and depression, great for ritual baths, add to money, luck and prosperity spells, can be added to water for scrying and a great replacement for holy water.

It also has some holistic properties to it, can be used just as a cologne, perfume, facial toner, bug bites, hand sanitizer, and can be added to floor cleaners, and toilet bowls for better smelling homes.

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