Rose Water

Rose’s have always been associated to folklore as well as beauty, lust and love. Some believe that the rose was created by the goddess of love Aphrodite. The many colours and fragrances that come from the rose have long been praised since ancient times.

According to Magical folklore Rose’s are associated with the planet Venus and the element of water. Different coloured roses have different magical meanings. They have even been used in mid-evil times for there medicinal properties the hips of roses have a high concentration of vitamin C. (Vitamin C is great for skin care because of its antioxidants, meaning it protects the skin from all the damage we can do to it. It helps even skin tone and skin complexion to enhance radiance.)

Colour associations

Burgundy- deep love.

Green- prosperity, fertility, and good luck.

Coral- charm and affection.

Pink- passion and being daring.

Orange- passion, vitality and energy.

Light pink- romance, dreamy first love, helps evoke a warm fuzzy feeling.

Purple- power, passion, enchantment.

Red- True love, lust and romance.

Yellow- joy, happiness and communication.

White- piece, love, new beginnings and moon magic.

When it comes to it’s used for the skin it’s amazing to use as a toner, skin’s pH, reducing redness, controls oil in skin and hair (spray on damp hair, or dry hair and brush out), anti-inflammatory properties, helps reduce the appearance of acne and dermatitis, eczema and helps remove dirt and oil from pores. Can be added to any facial cleanser, moisturizer, or shampoo.

I personally have used my rosewater every day in my morning and evening self-care rituals, as I spray the water on my face I tell myself that I am stronger, beautiful and have something to offer the world, as I have been using the rose for quite some time I have noticed that I have far fewer blackheads, less oil, reduces redness, and a glow I could pay for. You can use Rosewater for self-love, passion, luck, self-care, protection, healing, psychic powers, divination, empowerment, beauty, harmony, help with my manifesting along with being an offering depending on the intention.

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