How to Read a Cotton Wick Candle Flame

As Witches we are always stocked with candles of all shapes, sizes, and colors
that we use in our practice. But have you ever wondered why sometimes the flame
burns differently? Well, I am here to help with this.

Tall Strong Flames

This is the best flame for manifesting, cleansing and spell work. It is strong
sturdy and will help you push through obstacles and tall enough to reach things
that may feel out of reach.

Steady Flame

Positive indication your spell or intention is doing its job and you have
supporting energies behind your intention.

Low Flame

A low flame doesn’t have the energy needed to complete a spell or intention. If the
flame is steady, it can indicate you need to be diligent and expect good results,
but if it is weak the spell will not work.

Short Weak Flame

Will produce weak results, timing is off, spell needs more work, and that the time
is not right. It can also mean that the spell is wrong, especially if it flickers.

Dancing Flames

A flame like this will be indicative to a spell it has the power to work, but will
most likely have problems. If the flame is tall and jumping it may mean the
resistance is high, and shorter flames mean there’s resistance but on a smaller

Flickering Flames

Many Witches believe that flickering flames mean the arrival of spirit. There is
also an aspect of strong, raw emotions that may lead to an argument when there
is a candle flickering in a room. There is another aspect of the flicker which
direction the flicker is leaning towards:
North: an indication that the cause is a physical one, not from spirit.
East: Is the mental part of your spell is working.
South: There is a great deal of physical energy surrounding your intention.
West: This will show you the depth and energy of the emotions you have
incorporated in your spell.

Sputtering/ Cracking Flame (wood wicks always do this.)

Will indicate a form of communication. The intensity of the cracking will
determine the message. Loud crackling and frequent sputtering warns of
arguments. It may also mean that someone opposes you. If this is what you feel
light another candle for greater energy if it continues put out both candles and
cleanse yourself and your space. Pick up spell later one.

Popping Flame

It is considered another form of negative communication. The type of
communication is determined by the reason you’re burning the candle and what
it represents. For example. if you are performing a protection spell and there is
popping it may indicate that someone has bad intention towards you.

Dual Flames

2 flames burning from one wick involves 2 energies or can mean your energy is
cut in half. Two energies at work can mean that those energies can be working
together or one can be working against you.

Flame Self-Extinguishes

This means that your work is done. It may also mean that the message you
presented was received by spirit.

Fast Burning Flame

Uneven: one side melting faster than the other means your spell wasn’t properly
grounded before you cast it.
Even: Can be a good thing so long as the flame stays tall and steady. If the
candle burns out of control that will mean something is not working.

Candle Color Flames

Blue: Presence of spirit, angel, fairy or another spiritual entity.
Red or Yellow: it is mundane energy, not spiritual, is fueling the burn and can
also be powerful.

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