Moon Phases in June

Here is a quick overview of the moon phases this month and what you can use them for… I am going to use the example of money.

Waxing moon is June 7th this is a great time to manifest things that you want to grow. (example. This is the time to focus on having your bank account grow.)

Full moon is June 14th this is the time when the moon is at its highest power. You can use this to manifest whatever you wish. (example. This is when you focus on having the money come in.)

The waning moon is on June 20th and this moon people struggle with because it is when the moon is going down. This is the time to focus on issues or problems you want to go away. (example. This is when you focus on debt going down and NOT on money coming in.)

The new moon is June 28th and this is a time for new beginnings. (example. This is when you would focus on creating a new budget to better manage your finances.)

Make sure you honour the moon. She is the mother of darkness and the mother of light.

Merry meet again.

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