Cream or Oil?

As you can see we have a variety of products here on Buddhas and butterflies. One of our top sellers is our facial moisturizers made by Earthbound Crone. I Mystic Witch prefer oils why I am not sure, so it got me thinking about hmmm what is actually better for your skin so let’s take a dive in and see, shall we.

Oil’s are great for sealing in hydration, dermatologists recommend them for acne-driven or oily skin and it is advised to look for formulas that have herbs and extra oils. While lotions are also great for sealing in hydration, they help absorb water into the skin because they are partly water-based and it is also advised to look for formulas that contain hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

So both help moisturize the skin so what makes them different well let me tell you, oils will help re-introduce lost moisture in the skin and oils sink right into the skin, it works like food for your body. Lotions also re-hydrate the skin because of their water content.

Oil regulates sebum production, they have very absorbent properties and mimic the skin’s natural lipids found in our skin, which is great because it helps repair and re-regulate your skin’s moisture barrier, which, is responsible for oil production.

Oil improves the skin’s barrier function: It has been proven that when oils are absorbed by the skin, the top layer of our skin treats them as their own- resulting in a reparative, moisturized effect.

Oil’s tend to be cleaner: Mainly when buying off the shelf in stores not here on Buddhas and Butterflies.

Lotions also moisturize dry skin: It is said that lotions’ abilities to moisturize are way better than oil. mainly because they are partly water-based, they penetrate the skin and can deliver ingredients that improve the ability of the skin to maintain moisture.

Lotions often contain ingredients with long-term benefits: Thinsg like hyaluronic acid and ceramides enhance skin’s water-retaining abilities over time.

When applying both lotions or oils it is said to do so on wet skin and pat dry, the water actually makes the skin’s ability to absorb the lotion or oil much greater.

The results are in!! When looking at either of these products it comes down to personal preference and skin needs. We would suggest having both products on hand for different seasons, like in the winter months having oil in your routine will help create the barrier to help prevent windburn, while in the summer lotions would be much better for easy absorption.

**If your looking for something more specific please contact Buddhas and Butterflies to help create the perfect product for your skin and face. **