heart chakra

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  • Chakra Roll-On Oil Blends


    Custom made, small batch chakra oils – special formulation for each chakra and each glass roll-on has complimentary crystal chips.

  • Green Aventurine Worry Stone


    Introducing our Green Aventurine Worry Stones, these mesmerizing crystals combine the beauty of nature with powerful metaphysical properties. Each worry stone is expertly crafted and polished to create a smooth, comforting surface that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Green Aventurine is widely known as the stone of luck and opportunity. It carries…

  • Large Pink Tourmaline Tumbles


    Introducing our Pink Tourmaline Tumbles, exquisite gemstones that showcase the beauty and metaphysical properties of this captivating crystal. Each tumble is carefully selected and polished to perfection, allowing you to experience the radiant energy of pink tourmaline in its purest form. Pink tourmaline is renowned for its gentle yet powerful vibrations, making it a cherished…

  • Malachite Tumbles


    These stunning gemstones not only captivate the eye with their vibrant green hues but also hold immense metaphysical properties that can enhance your spiritual journey. Explore the fascinating world of Malachite and discover the transformative energy it brings.Product Description: Our Malachite Tumbles are carefully selected and crafted from genuine Malachite gemstones, revered for their rich…

  • Raw Pink Tourmaline

    Introducing Raw Pink Tourmaline: Unleash Your Inner Strength and Compassion Embrace the captivating beauty and profound metaphysical properties of Raw Pink Tourmaline. Sourced directly from nature’s abundant treasures, these raw gemstones offer a mesmerizing blend of delicate hues and potent energy that can ignite your inner strength and awaken your compassionate nature. Metaphysical Properties: Emotional…