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  • Embrace the magic of crystals with these exquisite bracelets from Buddhas & Butterflies. Each piece is more than jewelry; it’s a symbol of positive energy and a reminder of the beauty within and around us.

  • Carefully curated and handcrafted, each bracelet is a unique fusion of amethyst, labradorite, and quartz. Feel the harmonious energies as amethyst promotes emotional balance, labradorite sparks self-discovery, and quartz magnifies the overall effect. This enchanting combination not only enhances your fashion statement but aligns with your spiritual self.

  • Introducing our enchanting Blue Goldstone Heart Bracelets – the perfect blend of mystique and elegance for those who seek to embrace the magic within.

  • Elevate your ritual, indulge in the extraordinary, and let every cup tell a tale of vintage charm and well-being.

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  • Flower Agate is renowned for its grounding properties, fostering a connection between the spiritual and physical realms. Embrace the soothing energies that promote balance, harmony, and inner peace. This crystal is your guide in navigating life’s ebbs and flows, providing stability in times of uncertainty.

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