Our Team Vision and Purpose is to support persons on their journey through life using a varying range of services and products.

All our practitioners are verified by us as certified in their respected fields and vetted to ensure they are persons with the highest of integrity, skill and ethics.

Please note:

Practitioners never diagnose, perform medical treatment, make any medical claims, offer any guarantees, prescribe therapies, remedies or medication, or interfere with any form of treatment prescribed by a licensed medical professional.

Tarot Readings

Embark on a profound journey at Buddhas & Butterflies with our in-person tarot readings, guiding you to forge a deep connection with your inner realm and elevate your connection to your higher self.

Guided by the expertise of deep knowledge and the lived experience of our reader, your reading will intricately weave together the threads of the cards. It will delve into their meanings and reveal how they intricately relate to your unique life journey

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Oct 1 – Nov 19, 2022

11am – 12:30m

6 weeks of intensive teachings of the Major Arcana with an overview of the minor arcana. Last 2 classes discuss reading professionally and different types of Tarot spreads.

There are currently no classing being offered, inquire for future classes: info@buddhasandbutterflies.com

Spiritual Development & Mediumship

Join us for bi-weekly development circles focused on understanding and developing your spiritual gifts.

Group activities include:

  • understanding the different gifts & abilities
  • learn protection & connection techniques
  • activities for practice & development
  • learn to read professionally (if you choose)
  • do’s & don’t’s of reading for others

Classes: $40 per class; paid monthly