Blue Rose Quartz Tumbles


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Blue rose quartz is a breathtakingly beautiful gemstone that possesses a range of metaphysical properties. With its delicate, pastel blue hue and distinctive rose-like patterns, this gemstone is highly sought after by crystal enthusiasts and collectors alike.

In terms of its metaphysical properties, blue rose quartz is known to have a calming and soothing effect on the emotions, making it an excellent stone for promoting inner peace and relaxation. It is also believed to help release emotional trauma, anxiety, and stress, allowing for a greater sense of mental clarity and emotional balance.

In addition, blue rose quartz is associated with the throat chakra, making it an ideal stone for enhancing communication, self-expression, and creativity. It is said to help individuals overcome shyness and express themselves more confidently and authentically.

Other metaphysical properties associated with blue rose quartz include promoting self-love and self-acceptance, fostering compassion and empathy for others, and