Railroad Spikes


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Beyond their practical applications, railroad spikes hold a special place in the metaphysical realm, serving as potent tools for energy work and spiritual exploration.

In the metaphysical realm, Railroad Spikes are regarded as powerful grounding tools, connecting us to the earth's energy and stability. Their solid and robust nature resonates with the element of Earth, promoting a sense of security, strength, and foundation. Incorporating these spikes into your spiritual practice can help you establish a deep-rooted connection with the physical realm.

Additionally, Railroad Spikes are renowned for their ability to absorb and transmute energy. By acting as conduits, they facilitate the release of stagnant or negative energy, promoting balance and harmonious flow. Whether you're performing energy healing, meditation, or protection rituals, these spikes can assist in clearing energetic blockages and fostering a sense of renewal.

Each Railroad Spike carries the energy of its past, connecting you to the historical significance and journeys it has witnessed. They serve as potent reminders of resilience, determination, and progress. Holding or meditating with a railroad spike can help you tap into your own inner strength and inspire you to overcome obstacles on your personal journey. Each spike has been soaked in a special protection oil blend before offering them for purchase.

Embrace their grounding qualities, harness their transformative energy, and tap into the resilience they embody. Discover the power that lies within these unassuming objects, and embark on a metaphysical journey like no other.