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How Reiki Works

Reiki is a channeled energy that provides the recipient access to Divine Healing. To learn more, read this post first.

The basic concept of Reiki is that an attuned practitioner channels energy from Divine and channels it through their heart chakra out through their hands and into their client. The energetic and spiritual body of the client will work with the energy channeled into their body for that persons highest good and healing. Healing can be anything from physical ailments to mental/emotional trauma to spiritual growth.

It is important to note that the Reiki practitioner doesn’t do any kind of healing, balancing or interference of the clients energy fields. They are simply trained and attuned to be the channel for Divine energy from the Source of all things. Being attuned means that they are energetically ‘infused’ with the symbols of Reiki as passed down for generations. Only a Reiki Master can attune students. Please be wary of any practitioner who claims to perform any kind of healing or makes promises of being able to heal physical ailments or disease.

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