Can Tarot Readings Be Wrong?

One of the ideas that prevents people from receiving a tarot reading is the concern that their reading will be wrong. This is a valid…

One of the ideas that prevents people from receiving a tarot reading is the concern that their reading will be wrong. This is a valid concern – and here are some reasons why your reading might appear to be incorrect.

Reason 1: Free Will & Choice

I always start my readings sharing this important fact. All of us have free will and choice in how we live our lives. When I consult the Tarot, the spread will be a reflection of the answer according to the current situation.

The story the cards tell are going to be based on nothing changing. What this means is that if you continue on the path your currently on without adjustments, these are the possible experiences and/or the potential outcome according to your question. If, however, you are concerned about the outcome and make different choices than you were considering then the story changes also and your reading is no longer absolutely accurate.

Reason 2: Transparency

The second reason that your reading might feel inaccurate may be due to your lack of transparency. Interpretation of the cards depends on the connection of the information you’ve shared and the intuitive interpretation of the reader. The more your reading is like a conversation, with open sharing, the better your reading is going to be. The reader isn’t going to have to use the allocated time trying to understand what the Tarot is trying to depict. You confirming something doesn’t ruin the chances of accuracy, it enhances it because the reader knows they’re sharing something very relevant or not. Sometimes, the reader may be picking up on something else that isn’t relevant to your question or situation and they can then refocus on the more accurate information instead of trying to sort it all out for themselves. Don’t forget the reader doesn’t know anything about you and can’t discern if what they’re psychically picking up on is relevant to your question or not.

Many people are of the belief that if they overshare then they’re not going to get a good reading because the reader is just going to be filling in the gaps and/or guess. While there are many fraudulent readers who do this, a professional reader is never going to ask you for information just to create a reading. I, personally, will get an impression or overview from the cards, ask for confirmation and then use my psychic abilities to share and explore the relevant information that Spirit wants you to be aware of.

Reason 3: Skepticism

The third reason your reading my not be accurate is because you don’t believe in Tarot readings. Limiting beliefs look for confirmation not conflict. If you believe this is all a fraud then you’re going to see the reading as inaccurate. The reader’s job is not to convince you that this is real.

Ask yourself why you would pay for a reading if you don’t even believe that it’s possible to receive any value from it.

No one is forcing you to believe. There are lots of other ways to determine what’s best for you in your life. Tarot doesn’t have to be the right one for you.

Tips for a Great Reading

If at any point in the reading you feel like the reader is heading down the wrong direction, share with the reader that the information seems really irrelevant. If they insist that the message is for you, be open. Maybe there are future experiences that are going to bring it all into focus. This requires trust in your reader so if this is your first sitting with them it’s going to be hard for both of you to ascertain what’s inaccurate and what’s future experiences. If you are convinced that the reader isn’t accurate, end the reading. Any professional reader isn’t going to be offended by this. Sometimes it’s just not a good time or fit. It happens. I have only ever offered a refund once in all the years I’ve been reading – I asked the sitter to sleep on it for a day or two to see if it still doesn’t resonate and if they still felt the same way, I’d be happy to refund them. I never heard from them and so I assume that once they reviewed the reading, things may have found resonance.

Please remember that all readers have different styles and gifts. One reader may be able to pick up on time frames for things to come true and the next doesn’t or may pick up on the letter of a name etc. This doesn’t make on more accurate than another and there’s nothing wrong with have a few different trusted readers in your contact list.

So do the Tarot cards ever get it wrong?

In my experience, no. The Tarot isn’t about what’s right, wrong, or anything negative. The Tarot is the guide to be used to prepare for upcoming experiences, explain how we’re effecting our journey and/or perspectives we may have not considered. Tarot is also an amazing tool for confirming what we intuitively know but are unsure about.

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